Sammy Garcia Photography

Sammy walks this earth to the beat of a different drum than most. He follows the beautiful musical beat of Mother Ocean. It calls to him each and everyday, drawing him to her and sharing her wonders with him. With his unique eye for finding and capturing her beauty through the lens of his camera he is able to bring Mother Ocean to the rest of the world. Sharing with us a mere second of her explosive and untamed vibrance within his beautiful wave photography.

Sammy has been drawn to the ocean since moving to Santa Cruz, CA from the Philippines at age 14. He fell in love with the surf culture and eventually became a professional bodyboarder. Several years into the sport he was introduced to wave photography and being the naturally talented artist that he is; it sparked his interest. From that day forward capturing waves has brought him a sense of serenity, and sharing the beauty of the tide, the sand, and the expressions of the waves within the beautiful sunrise or sunsets brings him great joy! The ocean is his true home, where he is most comfortable, where his internal light truly shines bright!

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